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the following is the participation form of ET CETERA | GRAFIKA. By registering for the competition, the candidate will give way to the commission in charge of selecting his works together with those of the other candidates for the exhibition that will be inaugurated in Prague in December 2021. In addition to contact information, it will be necessary to attach a portfolio with your graphics. The artworks of the artists who will be selected to be included in the exhibition will still have to create ex libris with generic and erotic themes. If the candidate could already propose himself with generic or erotic themed ex libris, he can insert these in his portfolio during the registration phase.

It is possible to register until 9.30.2021.


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ET CETERA is a cultural initiative of the Eleutheria Endowment Fund focused on the promotion of new artists in various artistic fields. Since 2013, ET CETERA has involved hundreds of talents in the field of visual arts, photography and film, many of whom have been gradually awarded in their field. Equally important are the venues of these exhibitions, such as the MAXXI Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, the premises of the Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague, Gallery 1 in Prague, etc.

The Et Cetera initiatives are always of interest to the Czech and international press and are supported by important institutions. Over the years, Et Cetera’s exhibitions have been sponsored by the Czech and Italian Ministries of Culture, the Capital City of Prague, the Italian Embassy in Prague, the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) and the Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry. organizations. Many important personalities from the world of culture, economics and Czech and international politics are always present at the openings.

The Eleutheria Endowment Fund, in cooperation with the Hollar Association and the Association of Friends of Ex Libris, today presents ET CETERA | GRAPHICS, the contribution of the art of printing in every direction, which has always enjoyed great popularity in the Czech Republic and made generations of artists the true protagonists of its time. In 2021, this initiative focuses on a specific graphic product, where artistic taste becomes one of the typographic techniques: ex libris. Among xylography, lithography, zincography and many other printing techniques, since the Middle Ages ex libris has always been closely associated with libraries, whether owned by church, nobility or institutions, and since the nineteenth century and especially in the twentieth century, the book ceases to be rare. to make more intensive use of the cartouches thus determined by the owners of these books. With the gradual expansion of private collections, interest grew not only in historical volumes, but also in new prints from well-known and renowned artists or engravers. The idea was and still is to tell the story of the owner ex libris, his life, his profession, his passions or fantasies. Practically the story of one person in a few centimeters. The peak of artistic ex libris occurred at the beginning of the twentieth century, especially with the onset of Art Nouveau. With the growing international collecting, various associations were formed, the aim of which was to facilitate the production and exchange ex libris, which was already considered a separate artistic direction and not only a purely practical matter.

Ex libris, an inseparable companion of the book, remains a timeless object, a graphic work exceptionally elegant and creative. The Eleutheria Endowment Fund wants through the ET CETERA | GRAPHICS to highlight this artistic direction ex libris and to tell about its development in the Czech Republic since the beginning of the twentieth century. The exhibition will be inaugurated in December 2021 in Prague in prestigious exhibition spaces, as is customary at the Eleutheria Endowment Fund.

The entire exhibition will be in traditional and digital technology, dedicated to ex libris created by contemporary artists selected by an international jury (composed of art professors, international art collectors and well-known artists) from those who register for this "open call". From each selected artist, one work with any theme and one with an erotic theme will be exhibited. Each of these artists selected to take part in the final exhibition will be asked to donate both of their exhibited works to the Eleutheria Endowment Fund, which will add them to its permanent collection, which currently has more than 10,000 works of art.

The selection of artists will be in the hands of the jury based on your application to ET CETERA | GRAPHICS, to which you must attach your portfolio and examples of your graphic work. You can enter the competition no later than 9.30.2021, at this link.

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